Review: Marcus Brigstocke at The Lowry

Last night i headed down to the Lowry for the last night of Marcus Brigstocke`s 55 show tour and it was definitely worth the trip.

One of this countries finest comedians and broadcasters Marcus has been in the game since around 1996 when he won the BBC new comedian award at The Edinburgh Festival and is regarded as a major comedy and writing talent and last nights show reiterates why.

BBC Radio 4 has become somewhat of a second home to Marcus with regular appearances on The Now Show and Just A Minute, and he has notched up an impressive list of TV credits including team captain on Argumental (DAVE) and the host of BBC4’s The Late Edition and I’ve Never Seen Star Wars. Other appearances include; Have I Got News For You (BBC ONE), QI (BBC TWO), Sorry I’ve Got No Head (BBC ONE), The Late Edition (BBC FOUR), and the 11 O’Clock Show (Channel 4).

(I have been a Marcus Brigstocke fan since his Late Edition days and when i got the chance to grab a review ticket i literally could not wait)

Marcus was born with a long face and now there is UKIP, Brexit , The Daily Ba&&rd mail (his words not mine don`t go sending me angry letters) Nigel Farage, Donald Trump and so many more things that makes him angry.

The audience lapped up his brand of political humor and the show saw an awful lot of Belly Laughs. Marcus works the room with a great mix of politeness and come backs and is a master at both.

During the first half conversation ended up about Musical theatre and out of nowhere Phil Jupitus (Who is starring next door at The Lowry`s Quay theatre in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang) appeared on stage to part sing a duet and have his say in his usual way about Nigel Farage. There was even a quip from Marcus about “I really hope they have turned your microphone off next door”

The second half was more about things that make you happy rather than angry and yet the audience still lapped it up and it was interspersed with a few political gags that are Marcus`s specialty.

Overall verdict:☆☆☆☆☆

All in all a great night was had by all (Well maybe not for a few Brexiters but at the beginning Marcus did warn them they may not like it during the first few minutes.)

Marcus proved last night (and from the reviews i have seen from other venues that his tour has visited) that he is still one of this countries best comedians.

I also don`t think the audience will forget Marcus Brigstocke naked from the waist down, his modesty only covered with a vinyl record , handing out Cheese from his Cheeseboard nor his bare bottom when he was walking to rapturous cheers and applause

For more information of future comedy shows and Theatre shows at The Lowry click HERE




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