David Crausby MPSir David Crausby MP has warned Government Ministers that the election of Donald Trump risks making the USA an unreliable partner on defence matters and called for greater co-operation with European nations.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) unites countries across North America and Europe in a system of collective defence. One of the key elements is that an attack on one member is considered to be an attack on all members.

 _91629066_035749531-1Comments by the new President of America, Donald Trump, suggests that he does not support this approach and may be unwilling to support other NATO members in the event of a military attack.

 Speaking in the House of Commons Sir David Crausby MP, who represents Bolton North East, told the Secretary of State for Defence that the election of Donald Trump has made the USA “a less stable and reliable NATO partner”.

Sir David asked if the Government would now give more focus to strengthening the UK’s defence connections with other European nations.

In response the Secretary simply reaffirmed the Government’s commitment to strengthen ties with the Trump administration.

Speaking after the exchange, Sir David said:

“Recent comments by President Trump should concern the Government. I am a strong believer in the benefits of NATO to the UK, but this is dependent on all members being willing to fulfil their commitment to defend one another.

“Defence of our country is the number one responsibility of the Government. If Mr Trump is not committed to the ideal of international co-operation then the Government must ensure that we maintain links with countries who share our approach to defence.”

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Source- David Crausby MP (Printed in full)