It’s popcorn, it’s Tango – it’s a thing!

Those wonderful snacky superstars at Yumsh recently sent the Bolton Live team some samples of their innovative new product to taste and review and, well, of course it would have been rude not to!

The snack in question is called Poptang and, as unlikely as it may seem, it is actually what it says on the packet: popcorn that has, quite literally, been Tango’d!

16114183_1206846806036710_6905961427017697191_nThese little flavour puff bombs come a zingy, sherbety (is that even a word?) coating, in either orange or apple flavour. As with all Yumsh snacks, they are gluten free, dairy free, MSG free, non GMO, vegan and kosher. Thankfully they are certainly not flavour-free, packing a surprisingly moreish punch that lingers tantalisingly on the tongue and belies the 100 calorie count per bag.

This is definitely a grower, though, I have to say. The first taste of each was a bit confusing to the tastebuds and left them a bit baffled as to whether this was a match made in heaven or just a quirky novelty (like Marmite chocolate?) In the interests of fair blogging, however, it seemed only right to finish the packets. When the jury returned, the final decision was that the apple is definitely the firm favourite, with tangy sweet and sour notes, whilst the orange is sweeter and would satisfy a sugar craving.

To sum it up, there’s a new snack in town. It’s popcorn, it’s the concentrated zing of Tango, it’s the taste of childhood – it’s Poptang and it’s available now! Check out Yumsh now for your local stockist.

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