Prime Minister praises Westhoughton business

A Westhoughton firm was today praised in the House of Commons by Prime Minister Theresa May following a question by Bolton West MP Chris Green.


Speaking during today’s (Wednesday February 8) Prime Minister’s Questions, the Westhoughton MP said:

“I recently visited Woodall Nicholson – a world-class coachbuilding manufacturer based in my constituency – and heard about their exciting plans for the future.

“Will my Right Honourable Friend join me in emphasising the importance of skills and manufacturing for our economy, especially as we look to leave the European Union?”

The Prime Minister responded:

“Can I thank my Honourable Friend for drawing our attention to the example of Woodall Nicholson and to say how pleased we are to hear that they have those good plans for the future.

“And can I say to him he’s absolutely right as we leave the EU we will be doing that from a position of strength.

“He is right that skills and manufacturing are important parts of our economy for the future that’s why in the industrial strategy we are looking at how we can develop the excellence that we already have in the United Kingdom for a prosperous and growing economy for the future.”

The MP visited Woodall Nicholson, based in Wigan Road, Westhoughton, on Friday January 13.  The firm are one of the oldest established coachbuilding companies in the UK.

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