Prepare to party “All night long” at Bolton Whites Hotel

Girls, roll on your leg warmers and spray on some Poison! Fellas, slip into that Box Jacket and splash on some Kouros as disco legend and master of entertainment Brutus Gold presents his spectacular all-star cast of ’80s throwbacks with over inflated egos and limited dancing ability bringing you a night to remember.Expect BIG hair and even BIGGER anthems!

Get into the Groove and party, fiesta, forever at the World’s biggest and brightest touring party, All Night Long!

all-night-long-masterThe spirit of the ’80s is in the air tonight as they gather together west end girls and small town boys then get into the groove at the UK’s biggest and brightest touring party night.

You’ll be in the party mood as soon as you enter with their spectacular stage set and theming to take you right back to when shorts were white and anything was a Go Go!

Their hosts Dex Spinner & Vanilla Slice, along with their crazy cast of performers from another decade will interact and entertain you from start to finish …a totally awesome night of ’80s fun fun fun!

The VIP experience packages are perfect for hen parties, birthday parties, large groups or just any excuse for a party. Dress to un-impress with the coolest of ’80s gear or be the star of the night with your favourite ’80s pop or movie star. From Top Gun to Boy George, Bananarama to Indiana Jones, Tina Turner to Kevin Keegan … too many cool haircuts to mention!

What are you waiting for? Book your tickets now and let’s do it ‘All Night Long’ the ultimate party night comes to Bolton on Saturday 18 March.

★GROUP PARTY X 10 £100.00 >
★VIP PARTY TABLE X 10 Includes 2 bottles of Prosecco
£200.00 >
★PAY BY PHONE > 0844 248 2345
★MORE INFO > email


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