Review: Stewart Lee: Content Provider at The Lowry

After four years writing and performing his TV show Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle, Content Provider is Stewart’s first brand new full-length show since the award-winning Carpet Remnant World and my does it not disappoint.

Over the course of 2, 50 minute slots Stewart examines some issues including Brexit ,Donald Trump , Bondage sex in the 1930s and much more in his truly unique way.

Stewart is a master of his art form and has a habit of leading you to the end of a joke without you realising that you have arrived at his witty and at times sarcastic conclusion.

The audience was in stitches throughout the night as Stewart worked the room with ease and knew his target audience. His hilarious insights kept this Blogger laughing through both 50 minute sets just as I know he will for the rest of his four day run at The Lowry.

Stewart Lee: Content provider has consistently score 4-5 stars from most of the reviews since the show started and I can 100% can see why ( See my score below)

The topics Stewart chose for this show weave in and out in true Stewart Lee style

I`ll be honest here and say you do seem to have a certain mindset to be a Stewart Lee fan (Luckily I loved it ) but even if you are not a fan I would suggest you still go and enjoy this very talented comedian during his Salford run (Or any of the tours stops) even if it just is to say you have seen him Live.

Stewart`s gripes with the world are brilliantly written and performed throughout both of the sets with some very clever touches and recurring themes throughout.

This show is a must see in my opinion and are as varied as you can be during a comedy show and for “The liberal Metropolitan Elite” (His term not mine) it`s a must see as well.


Overall Score:


To be fair seeing Stewart Lee live confirmed to myself that he is one of the best touring comedians we have. Some people may not get his sense of humour or comedy but as I was laughing throughout I could not not give this show 5 stars. To be honest it`s a cleverly put together , wry and sometimes belly laughter inducing piece of comedy and I think you really need to see this live to see what I am talking about.


Stewart Lee: Content provider is currently on at The Lowry until Thursday 25th May

Too book tickets click HERE

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