A Family Trip to Dinosaur World at The Lowry!

By Eli Short (10) and Jesse Short (7)

This afternoon we went to see Dinosaur World at the Lowry theatre. I didn’t know much about the show before watching it so I wasn’t sure what to expect but as soon as our guide Maranda came on the stage looking for a lost baby T-Rex I knew it was going to be exciting. Maranda explained that she wasn’t like us because she had grown up on Dinosaur World – an island full of dinosaurs – and that she had brought some of them back here with her. The dinosaurs were big and scary but also quite funny and cool. Some children from the crowd were chosen to go onto the stage to touch the dinosaurs and everyone had the chance to meet them at the end. My favourite dinosaur was the adult T-Rex, Titan. He was the biggest dinosaur that came out and everyone in the audience was a little bit scared (even me, I moved seats next to my mum in case he got too close). I would recommend this show to children aged 3-10 years old who love dinosaurs but I think it is too scary for very young children. This is what my little brother thought of Dinosaur World:

We had a fantastisaurus time at Dinosaur World! My favourite dinosaur was Titan the T-Rex.

He was gigantic and scary. I also liked the baby Triceratops. She was cute and harmless. I could have eaten her all up, but I think the T Rex wanted to eat us all up. I wanted to see even more dinosaurs, and learn more facts about the dinosaurs (sometimes it was too noisy to hear what Maranda was saying). It was great, a jaw dropping show that will roarrrrrrrr you off your seat.

Dinosaur World will be at the Lowry until Wednesday 31 st May, with performances at 11am and 2pm each day.


To book tickets click HERE

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