Review: Dave Spikey at The Lowry

This was my first visit to a show at the Lowry, before I start talking about Dave Spikey I just want to say what an amazing theatre this is, before you even get in to the show the staff are so welcoming and helpful, once inside the theatre even though it was full the lay out made it seem like a close up performance and one thing I personally loved was the fact that the chairs were staggered so even though I had someone tall sat I front of me it didn’t block my view of the stage.
Dave Spikey himself, this tour was a look at his impressive 30 year career as a stand up comedian and I honestly laughed non stop for 2 1/2 hours. Dave has the ability to take something from everyday life and make it into a laugh out loud scenario. He uses him own life and experiences to create hilarious stories

I have seen Dave Spikey perform before but what was particularly good about this show is that we went on a journey with Dave he looked back at what was happening 30 years ago and then at what was happening today, we looked back into Dave`s child hood experiences and what it was like and what it was like growing up prior to technology and Dave uses things that everyone can relate too and as to be expected laughing throughout all of this. Dave refers to himself as a veteran comedian and I think that is a well earned title, his ability to engage with an audience and involve us in his life all the while adding his unique funny twist is amazing and the fact that he has now been doing this 37 years and is as funny as ever in my mind is something to be proud of.

Dave`s final act was from his very first performance which won him North West comedian of the year and was the name of the show ‘juggling on a motorcycle’ needless to say I laughed but it was a very fitting way to end the show going back to where he very first Really really enjoyed this so final score from me for Dave Spikey is:




Review By Charlotte Anders For #BoltonLive

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