Review: Gangsta Granny at The Opera House, Manchester

David Walliams, known to most for his comedic ability, quick witted humour, and over the top flamboyancy. To children, however, he is a superstar of the literary world, with the ability to cleverly transform ordinary people and turn them into magical and memorable tales. So it is only right that after selling millions of books, capturing viewers with on screen appearances and grabbing the hearts of children everywhere, his literary work is turned into a theatrical masterpiece.

On first hearing of a children’s book about a ‘Gangsta Granny’, it doesn’t sound like something most adults would be rushing to purchase tickets for. However, Walliams’ skill as a writer, and the talented cast, manage to turn real life situations into hilarious unlikely scenarios which create the perfect example of humorous storytelling.

The beauty of this story is the pure simplicity and relatable nature of the plotline. There will be young and old alike, who all have fond recollections of staying a night at Granny’s house. This nostalgia is made even more familiar by the very normal characters and easy to follow dialogue. However simple the theme and plot sounds, it makes for the most cleverly written and fantastic journey, that will have you laughing out loud. Not only will it make you smile, but it will also touch your heart, with its underlying message of love and friendship between the two main characters.

The story begins as we follow 11-year-old Ben (Ashley Cousins) who finds out that his boring, cardigan-wearing gran (Gilly Tompkins) is in fact an international jewel thief. All at once, stereotypical jumper-knitting, tea- drinking Granny is no more. A whole new world of possibility, mystery and intrigue open up as we go on a journey to discover the multi-faceted personality Granny encompasses. The fantastic twists and turns the pair go on, make for delightful viewing, as they work together on one last job, which leaves young Ben seeing her with new eyes and their relationship flourishes. The relationship the pair develops pulls on the heart strings of the audience, and appeals to every age, as we all remember the bond between grandparent and grandchild.

The small cast work fantastically to bring the story to light, ensuring outrageously over the top performances, with great comedic timing. If you are looking for something the whole family can enjoy then look no further as Gangsta Granny will get people of all ages laughing out loud and smiling all the way home


Gangsta Granny is Currently at The Opera House Manchester until Sunday 11th June to Book tickets and more information click HERE

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