Review: Simon & Garfunkel Through the years at The Lowry

Last night i was immersed into a live performance like no other. The music of Simon and Garfunkel, reborn into a concert of style and genius.

Simon and Garfunkel:: Through the years is a  a brand new show for 2017, telling of the best friends who went on to record some of the most iconic songs in music ever made.

The songs were performed more than ably by Bookends AKA: Dan Haynes and Pete Richards with a live string quartet.

All of my favourite songs were included Mrs Robinson, Feelin Groovy, The Sound of Silence, Cecilia (Which is one of my pesonal favourites), The Boxer , Homeward Bound, (The classic ) Bridge Over Troubled Waters and many more to mention kept the audience enthralled and thrilled throughout the evening at The Lowry

The show also featured original movie and some interview footage of Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel plus also a personal touch of narration taken from Victoria Kingston’s book ‘Simon & Garfunkel The Definitive Biography” which gave a unique insight into the duo and added to the overall effect of the show.

Final Verdict 


Simon and Garfunkel: Through the years is a very cleverly put together show aimed quite clearly at Older fans and New fans alike. It helps that the songs played are so well ingrained in musical history.. Its a definitive crowd pleaser. The staging was on point , the music was quite frankly excellent and the show was extremely well put together from the start to the finish. The standing ovation at the end proves that it is a crowd pleaser and it will continue to enthrall and captivate audiences across the country during its tour.

Thee shows creators should be really proud of what they have achieved in the production of this particular songbook concert as it has some very clever staging and the addition of a live string quartet just adds to the overall essence of the show and gives it a new angle.

If you get a chance to see this show on tour then you will not be disappointed and will come away humming all the classics for weeks to come (I know i will be)


Review by Wendy Ann for #BoltonLive

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