Review: Burlesque at The Lowry

Advertised as ‘A sensational night combining vintage glamour, retro decadence and good old fashioned debauchery’ by the Lowry itself, and this is certainly what you will get. The show is a senstational feast of music, dancing, humour and risque acts.

Eva Fox opens the show with some fabulous vocal performances, interspersed with a few cheeky, and well timed wisecracks, particularly at the expense of the audience. This opening scene was a great framing point for the rest of the performances, as her incredible vocal talent and effortless stage presence immediately puts the audience at ease and ready for the show to commence.

The following acts provided the more “traditional” burlesque performances of the evening. They are incredibly talented dancers and performers, oozing confidence and grace, leaving many in the audience picking their jaws up off the floor. The performances were typically classy, as well as beautiful and delivered in a light heartedly cheeky way. There did seem to be a break from what you would expect from a traditional Burlesque performance by one or two acts, which did seem to steer away from the elegant image this genre has built up. The comedic spin in the acts certainly shows that there is more than enough room for experimental offerings whilst combined with more traditional pieces. None the less it was enjoyable, and kept the audience in suspense.

One of the main focual points of the evening was the performance by Kitty Devine. She was fantastic, dressed extremely well, very likeable and her stage presence was by far the best.

The one drawback with the show was the unfortunate over-stretching of the evening. Had it have been produced as an hour long, intense introduction to the world of burlesque then the second act of the evening would, perhaps, have felt less repetitive. The host did her best to gap to fill between each performance, but her cheeky innuedo did often become a little stale. Burlesque! As a whole performance is a interesting insight in to the incredible burlesque scene, and it certainly provides a fascinating evening.

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