Review: The Band at Manchester Opera House


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Last night we headed up to the Manchester Opera House to check out the brand new Musical The Band (Based on the music of Take That) and my we were not disappointed!

Written by award winning writer Tim Firth, The Band is a beautiful story for anyone who grew up with a boyband and how those songs became the soundtrack to their lives.

For five 16 year old girls in 1992, the band is everything.  25 years on, we are reunited with this group of friends as they try once more to fulfill their dream of meeting their heroes.

This show deserves more than a ‪10/10‬, more than 5 stars. It was truly amazing. The story was poignant, realistic and moving, the music appropriate and nostalgic and the comedy was light, uplifting and exquisitely timed. It didn’t stop there. The Band took me on a familiar journey, it was my journey! School friendships that will last forever only for life to get in the way and before you know it; 25 years has evaporated in the passage of time, It only took a minute (girl.)

All through the story, we were met with the phenomenal songs of Take That, One of Britain’s most successful boybands of all time, whose songs include Never Forget, Back For Good, A Million Love Songs, Greatest Day, The Flood, Relight My Fire, Shine & Rule the World performed by the winners of the BBC’s Let it Shine; Five to Five – Nick, AJ, Curtis, Sario and Yazdan and they couldn’t have done a better job.

They sang all the classic “boy” band’s songs and many of the “man” band songs to an audience reliving their youth, and they delivered every song to perfection. The Band literally had everything. I cried, I laughed, I sang, I cheered and I cried a bit more.

I can’t remember the last time a performance took me on such an emotional rollercoaster.

I actually feel privileged to have been a part of the show tonight, I left with a huge feeling of nostalgia and resonating, mixed emotions. The producers announced their decision to extend the show`s tour for another year, so there is no excuse not to see it! To top it all off “my boys” joined the cast on stage, and performed Relight my Fire with a fantastic surprise appearance from the one and only Lulu.

Final Score:  Truly Unmissable


All in all The Band did and amazing job of creating a moving story, portraying a journey and sharing the unique music of the worlds greatest ever boy/man band, Take That!

I am going to say that this show is truly unmissable, even if you are not a Fan of Take that, The cast were perfect, the score was perfect and the staging is (there is no other word for it) PERFECT.

The Band is now the fastest selling musical theatre tour of all time, and quite frankly i can see why and now is the time for you to see it as well.

The Band is on at the Manchester Opera House until Saturday 30th September and then tours around the country. To book tickets to the Manchester shows click HERE 

Review by Charlotte and Kieran Anders

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