Review: Beech`s Luxury Truffles

When the #BoltonLive team were sent Beech`s Chocolates new luxury Truffles to test my first instinct was to review them myself (The internal battle raged in my head , one side wanting to keep all the chocolatey goodness to myself the other side wanting to share them amongst the crew to test…. the crew won..obviously) Here is what they thought of the new luxury truffles:

Charlotte, Luxury Prosecco Truffles 100g


Being handed the box of chocolates I could tell this was going to be a treat, they looked stylish and luxurious.
Once I opened the box the smell was out of this world it reminded me of Christmas. Rich smelling and mouth watering. The taste was not a disappointment the outer layer cracked as I bit into it and the rich truffle inside was smooth and creamy with a hint of prosecco. The 2 flavours work so well together neither over powering the other. Absolutely beautiful truffles

Wendy: Luxury Pink Champagne Truffles 100g

Sometimes doing #BoltonLive can be a lot of work so after a full day of researching for the project I was handed a box of these scrumptious new Luxury Pink Champagne truffles with instructions to test them out and report back. What can i say…they are amazingly good! The crack of the pink dusted white chocolate shell , the soft and silky pink champagne innards and that feeling of luxury that just makes you stop to enjoy them. I heartily recommend the pink  Champagne truffles from Beech`s , so much in fact that they are now on my Christmas list!

Kieran: Luxury Champagne Truffles 100g


A posh box, no wrappers to litter my living room, it’s a little bit of luxury for a northern boy like me.
As you lift the lid the quality of the flavours hits you straight away, not too sweet, but with a decadent air of champers.
The first bite was easy, a crack of chocolate and soft truffle that crumbled between my teeth leading into a smooth tasting treat.
Not a chocolate to devour but definitely to savour.
Thanks beech`s for the little bit of sophistication I experienced while catching up on Corrie…

Pete: Anglesey Sea Salted Caramel Truffles

Ok so it is no secret i love my Chocolate but it is even less of a secret that i absolutely adore Salted Caramel and The Anglesey Sea Salted Caramel Truffles were no exception.

Perfectly formed and full of the most amazing sea salt caramel filling i have ever tasted.. soft , silky and with that salty/sweet flavour that makes you think of windswept beaches in the summer. The chocolate is creamy and just sweet enough and i will 100% be buying these for Christmas presents for not only family and friends but also myself.

All in all if you are looking for the perfect Christmas / Birthday / any occasion gift (Including indulging yourself)  the entire #BoltonLive team recommend you try out Beech`s new Luxury Truffle range available from and selected retailers


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