Firefighters launch annual safety campaign as Bonfire Night approaches

WITH just three weeks left until Bonfire Night, firefighters are asking people to go to organised fireworks displays to enjoy a safe Guy Fawkes Night.

The plea comes as Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) and its partners launch the Treacle 2017 campaign to keep people safe from fires and injuries, and prevent antisocial behaviour.

It also sees the launch of this year’s Fireworks Amnesty which encourages people to give up or report dangerous fireworks.

GMFRS’ Director of Prevention and Protection, Assistant County Fire Officer Geoff Harris said: “We really want everyone in Greater Manchester to have a safe and happy autumn and that’s what the Treacle campaign is all about. It’s that time of year when we do see an increase in deliberate fires, firework injuries and anti-social behaviour including attacks on firefighters, and sadly we have also seen injuries in the past as a result of Halloween costumes catching fire.

“We want to prevent all these incidents and accidents as much as possible so I would urge people to listen to our advice about how to stay safe and please talk to your children about how to take care of themselves. There are some fantastic organised events across Greater Manchester and you can find your local one at

Treacle is a multi-agency Halloween and Bonfire Night safety campaign which runs from Sunday, October 15 – the day fireworks legally go on sale in the UK – to Monday, November 6.

It is the busiest times of the year for GMFRS, who responded to over 2,000 incidents in the three-week Treacle period last year. The type of incidents firefighters were called to last year ranged from sheds being burnt to the ground by wayward fireworks to cars being engulfed in flames by fireworks used inappropriately.

Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, Beverley Hughes said: “Every year as part of the Treacle campaign GMFRS also runs a fireworks amnesty which allows anyone to safely give up or report a firework which could be dangerous. If you have or know of a dangerous firework, call the firework amnesty on 0800 555 815 and GMFRS will arrange for someone to collect the firework for you.

“Last year the amnesty led to the discovery of a 17kg industrial firework beneath a person’s bed. Luckily the firework was found and safely removed, preventing serious damage and potentially devastating consequences.”

For further information about the Treacle campaign and how to stay safe this autumn, visit


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