We British have a long-standing (or sitting) tradition, or rather reputation, of not taking ourselves and our culture too seriously and the likes of the comedy genius behind Monty Python’s ridiculous musical Spamalot is a mere epiphany of that.
With rapidly clever wit, pomp, camp and a little bit of history, Arthur (Bob Harms), King of the Britons, sets off on a journey to ‘find men’ who are able, to sit at his very round table. and become (not days but) knights. With his trusted steed, Patsy (Rhys Owen), who carries his heavy load and whose clip-clopping sounds remarkably like coconot shells, they succeed in finding able men, who even find themselves able men too! With local undertones and references of current life, through the brilliantly-written and adapted songs, they manage to include politics, LGBT inequality, Frenchness, history whilst educating us and poking fun at the Britishness.

You might well ask how such a man as Arthur was chosen to be King. And the answer, my friend, is that his sword ‘Excalibur’ was handed to him by the soulful-voiced ‘Lady of the Lake’ (Sarah Harlington) and so he was simply chosen to be the Sovereign of Old England and Scotland. The Knights we meet are Sir “Dennis, Thomas, Neil, or whatever his name is” Galahad, Sir Bedevere, (non very) brave Sir Robin an, of course, Sir Lancelot, who falls for the blond-haired tower-bound effeminate damsel Prince Herbert.

With doubled up characters, this extremely welcomed escape that they call theatre ensures that you leave the Palace Theatre smiling, chuckling and humming along to one or more of the catchy tongue-in-cheek tracks, performed by a live orchestra. With the moral to ‘Always Look On The Bright Side of Life’, if you do so you won’t go far wrong in life’s quest to ‘Find Your Grail’. So, if you want a good time, with lots of laughs, head on down to the box office before Saturday! or book online HERE