Plans for a new-age Jubilee Centre

Day service users are to be given the chance to help design a brand new multi-million pound venue in Bolton.

Bolton Council wants to build a state-of-the-art day centre in Halliwell.

People who use the centre – which includes adults with learning disabilities and members of the wider community – will be central to saying how the new building will look and what services it will provide.

The Jubilee Centre was built in 1983 and, although it has since been refurbished, it is showing considerable signs of age.

It is currently operated by Bolton Cares, the council-owned adult social care company.

The opportunity to completely rebuild the centre has resulted from a significant capital investment from Bolton Council.

The organisations have a commitment to provide services for three key groups: adults with a learning disability, which may also include some with physical disabilities; young people with autism; and young people with disabilities who have left school and are transitioning to adulthood.

They have also pledged to retain the swimming pool facility.

However, there is the opportunity to be really creative and design a facility that will be fit for the future.

The Leader of Bolton Council, Cllr Cliff Morris, said: “We have a unique opportunity to totally rebuild the Jubilee Centre and make it fit for 21st century needs.

“This is a significant investment by Bolton Council and we want to get it right. So we will be asking the current service users, potential new ones and the wider community to get involved and help design a fantastic amenity. We also want to involve carers and families as it will be a venue for everyone to benefit from.

“We know the swimming pool is a great asset and very popular, so we intend to incorporate that into the new designs. But then it really is a blank sheet of paper, so will welcome everyone’s ideas.

“The centre will need to cater for a wide range of service users. It’s very exciting to be able to create a bespoke building that could enhance the way people interact, learn and spend their time in Bolton. This development fits into the wider programme of improvement we have undertaken to buildings for older people and those with disabilities.”

Detailed consultation with current and potential service users and other stakeholders will take place over the next few months.

An early artist’s impression of how the facility could look has been released and will be used to generate discussion as part of the consultation process.

Please visit the webpage to keep up to date with progress.

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