Review: Cinderella at The Bolton Albert Halls

cinderella 1

Christmas is nearly here and there’s no better way to start December with a trip to the pantomime. This year’s production at the Albert Halls has taken the classic story of Cinderella with all your favourite characters and added lots of modern songs and chart hits so everyone in the audience could and did sing along.

We experienced the magical age old fairy tale and watched while Cinderella overcame her wicked stepmother and stepsisters and go on to win the heart of the handsome prince charming with lots of fun and laughter along the way for both children and adults.

The cast was amazing Katy Ashworth (CBeebies) played the beautiful fairy godmother. She was charming, funny and instantly a hit with all the children in the audience, also an accomplished singer. Alongside Katy were a host of familiar faces. David Heath (X-Factor) is the lovely Prince Charming, the bosom buddies (BGT) are possibly my favourite ugly sisters ever, John Cooper and Rachel white.

There is everything you want in this show it’s funny, it’s an engaging sing along, the cast interact seamlessly with the audience and encourage plenty of crowd fun. There are also the familiar scenes (“well! We’ll have to sing it again then won’t we”) for anyone who is a regular at the Albert Hall pantos.

Final Score: 

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 A must see for Children young and old

A must see for children young and old. Great family fun.

The pantomime runs from 2nd December to 31st December and it really is worth a visit to the newly refurbished Albert Halls to watch if you can. The refurbished halls are stunning and the panto, which is the first show there, will have you in stitches and singing along with the kids. The show is very well put together and runs seamlessly and has all the components of a traditional panto but also all the influences of modern day music / pop culture and it is the perfect show to add to your Christmas festivities.


To book tickets visit: HERE

Review by Charlotte and Erin Anders

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