Review: Winter Wonderland Manchester

Last night i headed down to event city in Manchester for the launch of Winter Wonderland 2017 with my grandkids and Son in Law. For the past few years we have sent a team down and every year someone else went from Boltonlive, but not this year. This year i kept shouting the word “Bagsied” at any member of the crew who asked if we were sending anyone this year. So anyway, back to the review…

Event city has been transformed into one big Christmas themed playground with everything from inflatable fun castles to Santa and everything in between. The rides (Which are included in the ticket price) were of good quality and manned by enthusiastic staff andwent on a lot longer than you would get at an outdoor fair. Santa`s house (which costs £3.50) is very well put together and very well organised and well worth the money. It needs to be said that thoughout our visit the elves were brilliant. They interacted extremely well with the kids and should be applauded for their hard work.
There is also a beach from Pip Ahoy, Shows from the cast of rainbow, a new live show from “Daisy and Ollie”, the Christmas circus and a whole host more attractions to keep the little ones entertained. (And by a whole host more i mean a whole host more)

There are some attractions you do have to pay for i.e Fairground games and the odd gaming machine but that is to be expected in an event of this size.

There are plenty of food and drink stalls dotted around the area as well with plenty of seating so if you need a rest from running around after the kids then they have you covered.


Final Score: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 A proper Christmas Treat

The concept model of having sessions rather than opening times is extremely clever meaning that there are never massive queues for any of the rides or attractions and it makes it a comfortable experience i can tell you. Also on a side note… it is rather warm in the building so avoid massive coats if you can, the building does however have a coatroom thrown in for good measure if you need it.

The staff are brilliant , the setting is well put together, the standard of entertainment was ace, i could sing this events praises until the cows come home to be honest. If you get a chance this Christmas you really need to check it out for yourself.


Winter Wonderland Manchester is open Until the 1st January 2018 at Event City in Manchester, For more information and to book tickets visit HERE

Sessions are limited to set visitor numbers to allow you to enjoy your experience without overcrowding. It is therefore advisable that tickets are purchased early to secure your place at Winter Wonderland.

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