Review : Dick Whittington at The Opera House , Manchester

We were invited to see Dick Whittington at The opera house in Manchester and what a show it was.

There were stunning sets with some amazing lighting and some amazing special effects including a jaw dropping mechanical shark and the sleigh plus also an amazing , jaw dropping 3-d video sequence which remind me of something you would see on the silver screen coming out of Hollywood. The set designers, SFX designers and crew need a special mention here as they created an amazing set which was visually pleasing and created a “wow” factor

The show stars John Barrowman (Doctor Who, Torchwood, Arrow) who plays the title role of the cheeky hero Dick Whittington and the Krankies (playing Councillor and Jimmy Krankie) who bounce off each other gleefully and you can tell that they have done 6 Runs in Panto together and this is their 7th run.
There are times during the show when their ad libs get a bit out of control (sometimes their ad libs are not totally family friendly) and start to derail the show but they soon catch back up with themselves . Barrowman and Janette Krankie have an amazing chemistry and the pair bounce off each other with ad libs and throwing (just enough…some may disagree) smut into proceedings, This is panto after all. If the pair get too out of control it seems it is down to Ian Krankie to get them back on script and back to where they need to be. He does this with remarkable ease and you can see that he is used to it and reigns them in.

The supporting cast are brilliant , Corbitt`s villain is well played and i would have liked to see more of him in the script. Jacqueline Hughes as the spirit of bow bells and lauren hampton are brilliant and add sparkle and great voices to their musical numbers.

Overall by the time the show finishes you will have heard every “Dick” double entendre ever thought of (And ones you have not thought of) , you will have rooted for Dick and Alice , Booed the bad guy and had a great night out if you book tickets. Please be warned though that a lot of the humour will fly over the young ones heads but if you take older children you may get some questions.

The magical production runs from Saturday 9 December – Sunday 7 January 

For more information or to book tickets visit HERE

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