Bolton Succumbs to Hangry January!

January is the month to shed those extra Christmas pounds by taking up the latest fad diet, but an alarming number of people in Bolton are about to fall off the diet wagon in spectacular style. Research by proper Lancashire baker Holland’s Pies has found you should avoid anyone on a diet at exactly 11am on Wednesday 10th January, as 92% of people in Bolton will have a major bout of the hangries!

Hanger is a state of “hungry-anger” caused by a lack of food, which can make people irritable, bad-tempered, cry, throw things, hit people and generally be very unhappy.  Interestingly, women (82%) are much more likely to suffer from hanger than men (80%)!

 Holland's Pies Hanger Hotspots

Hanger is reaching epidemic proportions with one in eight people (82%) of people in the North West admitting they experience hanger more than once a week. But beware, because a very cross 2% of people say they’re hangry “all the time”. God help us!

Want to know which towns to avoid? Then back away slowly from Blackburn as they are officially the hangriest town in the North West. They’re followed by Warrington, and then coming in third is Bolton!

In order, the top 10 hangriest towns in the North West are:

  1. Blackburn (96%)
  2. Warrington (93%)
  3. Bolton (92%)
  4. Wigan (89%)
  5. Blackpool (89%)
  6. Preston (88%)
  7. Burnley (82%)
  8. Rochdale (79%)
  9. Manchester (72%)
  10. Liverpool (66%)

There’s only one way to soothe those hangry feelings, and that’s by getting some scran! So, when hanger strikes what do we reach for? Half of us would go for chocolate (49%) followed by a sausage roll (39%), all finished off with a Potato & Meat Pie (28%). Now you’re talking!

Leanne Holcroft, Brand Manager at Holland’s Pies, said“There’s nothing wrong with going on a diet, but when it makes almost the entire North West population cry and hit things, then we need to remedy it.  Take a deep breath, head to your nearest shop, and get yourself a proper tasty Holland’s Potato & Meat pie! Serve it with a side of mushy peas and some gravy and all will be well in the world again – and it can be done in the microwave in just under three minutes. Life’s too short – treat yourself!”

Symptoms of hanger can vary from person to person but the top five signs you need to look out for in a colleague, friend or family member are:

  • Feeling weak (46%)
  • Stomach rumbling (43%)
  • Throwing or hitting something (31%)
  • Getting snappy (31%)
  • Crying (25%)

If you see any of these symptoms, then get yourself as quickly as possible to your nearest Holland’s Pies stockist. You can even use the pie finder:

*Research completed by The Leadership Factor with 750 people across the North West on 5th January 2018.

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