Review: All i see is you at The Octagon Theatre, Bolton

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Last night i had the priveledge of being in the audience for press night for the new new play All i see is you at the Octagon Theatre , Bolton.
The play has been Written by kathrine Smith and has been directed by Ben Occhipiniti

Bobby works on Woolies’ record counter. Ralph dreams of being a teacher. One kiss and they’re hooked. But it’s Bolton, 1967. Their love is illegal. Can Bobby and Ralph overcome their own demons and defy society to find a way of being together?

All I See Is You is a roller-coaster love story inspired by real accounts of queer life from fifty years ago.

So what did i think of it?

Well Christian Edwards “Ralph” was portrayed brilliantly with perfect stage presence and awareness as was Ciaran Griffiths “Bobby”. The chemistry between the pair of them is undeniable and both actors did brilliantly throughout. Both actors play an intense part in a play about forbidden love and you can see the amount of preparation that has gone into the roles and both of them should be really proud of what they have achieved. With both actors every facial expression really did mean a thousand words which came across as a powerful dramatic tool that was used with great effect throughout.

Performed by just two actors Katherine Smith`s writing shines through with Ben Occhipiniti`s Direction.The challenges Bobby and Ralph face are based on news reports and biographical accounts from the 1960s and Katherine Smith`s blending together of these into the script is just perfect and her true to life writing style is just a joy to hear and watch.

Ben Occhipiniti has done a brilliant job in directing this show and it has his influence stamped distinctly over the play.


Final Score: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟  A Truly remarkable piece of Theatre

Katherine Smith has been quoted as saying “All I See Is You is not just a play about love overcoming prejudice but I hope, a celebration of courage and self-acceptance” and i can say that this play is all of those things and an awful lot more and if you are lucky enough to get tickets to this short studio run you are in for a treat that will stay with you for a long time to come as it is a truly remarkable piece of Theatre.

All i see is you runs at The Octagon Theatre , Bolton`s Studio until 14th April. For tickets and more information click HERE

Review by Wendy Ann

Additional Editing by Pete Hopkinson


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