Review: The Wizard of Oz at Bolton Albert Halls



Former Andy McDonald (Nick Cochrane) began panto with a great intro poem to set the scene. Throughout the panto he kept the panto light creating laughter with references to Corrie which was great for the adults. Nick was the Perfect panto actor as were the rest of the cast!
Intro was followed by dance off with Doc (also cowardly lion) to a variety of songs from all decades finishing with gangham style which made Harry very pleased.
Adult humour jokes kept all generations happy. There were lots of opportunities for audience participation with well known songs.
Although there were no songs from original film- they had a really catchy song which we all knew by the end… which replaced “we’re off to see the wizard” song from film.
Mia`s favourite characters were Dorothy (Bessie McMillan) & scarecrow (Stuart Earp) – she especially loved the silly jokes from scarecrow & the fab songs and dance routines with Dorothy.
Harry also told me his favourite was scarecrow and thought it was hilarious when he made reference to farting!!! 😬😂 (which Harry made me write down for review ha!)
Kids also loved it when scarecrow ran round with his water pistol!!
During interval kids were very excited for the panto to reconvene!
Harry loved the ghostbusters bit…and was laughing lots to which he nearly fell off his seat.
There was great choice of music from all genres to entertain all. We Especially enjoyed the full cast singing Journeys ‘don’t stop believing’ this had everyone singing/clapping along including me (its One of my guilty pleasure!) …lion amused Harry dancing swinging his tail!
Mia loved all current references to life i.e Theresa may, google maps, laptop Adele ‘hello’ and let it go!!
For the family Rowson, Stuart Earp made the performance with his interaction with audience when things didn’t go to plan and quick wit!!
Harry was made up with lion, Tin man and scarecrow dressed as superheroes to help Dorothy.
All the  cast were great and there was a fantastic song choice with fabulous dance routines (which Mia joined in with in her seat) to keep all the family happy!

The whole family would highly recommend this show! There was even a standing ovation from Harry and I for shut up and dance with me…
Mia said it was brilliant and gave it a 5 star rating.

Fab family entertainment – with laughter all around the Albert Hall!!
Thanks Bolton Live & Albert Halls Bolton
Mia age 8 / Harry age 4

The Wizard of Oz has one more show Today ( 13th April 6pm) at Bolton Albert Halls so get your tickets quick!

For more information and to book tickets click HERE

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