Review: Crackit Bolton


Last night i was privileged enough to lead a team down to the brand new Crackit Bolton facility on Halliwell road and to say we were blown away is an understatement.

The whole place is a reinvention of the whole escape room genre. They have 3 different areas currently running and they are Pirate cove, Boot Camp and Haunted mansion and the aim of the game is to compete in an hour in one of the zones to earn credits to use in the ultimate challenge. Our team were simply astounded by the set up in each of the zones and we loved the whole “corridor” set up that maximises the space they have yet gives you the feeling that you are really part of the action.

The decor in each of the themed zones was perfect with each of the zones decorated to fit in with the theme and with top quality materials.. throughout the zones the quality of the decor really shone through and the team that have built it should be really proud of what they achieved so far.

I`m not going to go too in depth on the games here (Don`t want to spoil them for anyone) but they are played in teams of two, are totally fiendish at points (as we said to Mike the puzzle designer) and are top quality and well made and designed. So much so that it WILL keep you coming back to beat every challenge. Last night our host Paris was amazing, with just the right amount of comedy balance and the ability to work a crowd she really made our night and really complimented the whole experience

3 years in the making Crackit Bolton is going to be a perfect addition to our town and to have a concept like this just down the road is an amazing thing and i can see them going from strength to strength over the coming months and years. On top of the Ultimate challenge currently in construction are 3 traditional escape rooms

Final Score 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟+ A must visit attraction

I see great things ahead for this attraction, the quality in the zones far outstrips most other escape rooms we have tested and the puzzles (while fiendish at points) are engaging and fun to do and will definitely make you come back for more . You can really tell how enthusiastic  the team at Crackit Bolton are and they are all amazing. The attention to detail in the corridors and games make it even more fun.

For more information and to book tickets Click HERE and we have heard a rumour from a Cheeta that if you type in the phrase PUZZLECHEETAH at checkout you will get a cheeky 20% off for a limited time


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