Special: For the love of horror 2018


Walking in to the exhibition centre at bowlers, the first thing you see is the Ghost train. An impressive fairground ride, but no indication of what was waiting inside. Walking through the door the first thing i spotted was the Sloth – goonies legend! After a quick look around there were lots more characters and cosplayers to spot. Among my favourites were the walking dead cast, the zombies were particularly interactive, and a very realistic pennywise!

The stalls were pitched just right, with merchandise for everyone. We came away with T-shirts, cakes and Christmas presents galore!


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The Scare attraction , All kinds of horror , back to back while walking through scared the socks off of us and the end part being chased by Michael Myers with a chainsaw was just brilliant!

It was well thought out and planned and big kudos needs to go to the actors manning the attraction who put their heart and soul (in some cases quite literally) into it to give us all a great scare (or 7)

The Q and A sections were impressively organised, and the Calibre of celebrity guests was astounding. Machete himself, Danny Trejo, is still a true badass! in all a great first year from the organisers! I’m truly looking forward to next year, hoping for more sets and props…



Well done Monopoly events! See you in December  for FTLOSF.

Early bird tickets for for the love of horror 2019 are avilable at http://www.fortheloveofhorroruk.com

While you are here… Monopoly events also have For the love of sci fi heading to bowlers this December… Check out the trailer here:

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