Comiccon Liverpool is going to be amazing


  • UK FIRST EXCLUSIVE – Police Academy, Short Circuit and Cocoon  – Steve Guttenberg  Steve starred in 1984’s Police Academy, and went on to perform in lead roles in Hollywood films of the 1980s, including Cocoon, Three Men and a Baby, Three Men and a Little Lady and Short Circuit.
  • UK FIRST EXCLUSIVE – ROCKY – Uncle Paulie AKA Burt Young along with Sylvester Stallone and Tony Burton  is the only other actor to have stared in all six Rocky Movies!
  • UK FIRST EXCLUSIVE – Superman (Lois & Clark) –  The beautiful Teri Hatcher former bond girl and will be joining them for her first UK Comic Con. Plus you can have your own special Lois & Clark photo shoot with Dean Cain too!


Guests Include:

  1. Teri Hatcher – The new adventures of Superman / Supergirl
  2. Dean Cain –  The new adventures of Superman / Supergirl
  3. Jeff East – The Original Superman
  4. Burt Young – Rocky movies
  5. Peter Facinelli – Twilight movies
  6. Sean Mather – Firefly /Arrow
  7. Adam Baldwin – Firefly/ Chuck
  8. Bill Duke – Predator
  9. Sting (Steve Borden) – WWE Raw / WCW
  10. Eric Roberts – The Dark Knight
  11. John Challis – Only Fools and Horses / Doctor Who


Multiple UK exclusive photo shoots include

  • Superman – Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher
  • Firefly – Adam Balwin and Sean Maher
  • Twilight – Peter Facinelli with 4 woof lookalike dogs
  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – Jason Narvy and Paul Schrier

Power Rangers Special Guests


  1. Azim Rizk – Green Ranger – Power Rangers Megaforce
  2. Blake Foster – Blue Ranger – Power Rangers in Turbo / Space
  3. Jeff Parazzo – White Ranger – Power Rangers Megaforce / Ninja Steel
  4. Zoe Robins – White Ranger – Power Rangers Ninja Steel
  5. Tracy Lynn Cruz – Yellow Ranger – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
  6. Steve Cardenas – Red Ranger –  Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
  7. Selwyn Ward – Red/Blue Ranger – Power Rangers Turbo
  8. Jason Faunt – Red Ranger – Power Rangers Time Force
  9. Nico Greetham – Yellow Ranger – Power Rangers Ninja Steel
  10. Michael Gopon – Blue Ranger – Power Rangers Time Force
  11. Ciara Hanna – Yellow Ranger – Power Rangers Megaforce
  12. Kevin Duhaney – Blue Ranger – Power Rangers Dino Thunder
  13. ‘Skull and Bulk’ – Jason Narvy and Paul Schrier – Best known as the villainous yet comedic bullies, and incompetent enemies of the Power Rangers, Bulk and Skull appeared together as permanent cast members from the original “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers” until “Power Rangers in Space”.


  • Live Q&As
  • Full-scale movie prop and set recreations including a T-70 X -Wing, The time ,machine from blockbuster movies Back to the Future and the Stranger Things set builds and many more
  • Comic book Artist Guests – Including Beano, Dandy and Batman creators – HERE
  • 4 x Kuckunniwi Lupline Dogs – posing with handler for photos
  • Pro Cosplay Guests – 
  • Cosplay competitions
  • Trading village
  • Live art
  • Miniature model displays
  • After show party –

For Tickets and More Information Click HERE

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