This British pie week, protect the Lancashire meat pie!

Lancashire has long been regarded as homeland to the humble pie, but this British Pie Week, Holland’s Pies is going a step further by officially renaming its iconic Meat Pie, to be the Lancashire Meat Pie,signalling the start of an application for protected status

As British Pie Week begins on Monday 4th March, and whilst the country continues in a state of disrepute, proper Lancashire baker Holland’s Pies`s have announced it is beginning the process to formalise Lancashire’s pastry heritage under the Protected Food Name Scheme.

The scheme already covers products such as the Cornish pasty and Cumberland sausage, and Holland’s is hoping that the Lancashire Meat Pie can join the list. The pie, synonymous with the region, has been baked in Baxenden as far back as the 19th century and enjoyed by generations of people for just as long.

In addition to its history, the pie’s unique cooking method and ingredients set it apart from other pastry goods, making it an ideal candidate for protected status. Cooked in specially designed tins, as opposed to foil trays, this gives the pies their famous ‘fried bottom’ effect and ensures that the carefully seasoned beef and pork and tasty jelly is kept inside the pie until the first bite is taken.

Holland’s is calling on pie fans to support its application for protected status by signing a petition on, to show the powers that be how passionate fans in the North West want to help secure the pie’s heritage.

Leanne Holcroft, Brand Manager at Holland’s Pies, commented: “We’re going through an uncertain time here in the UK, but one thing still stands – the nation’s love of pies! 

“The Meat Pie is a unique product that’s undeniably synonymous with the region. It’s not only a part of our heritage here at Holland’s, but also the thousands of fantastic people across Lancashire. This is why we’re starting the process to protect it as a regional product and ensure that only proper Lancashire Meat Pies can be made in the region they were born and bred in.

“We’re unashamedly proud of the region, so could think of no better way to celebrate British Pie Week than by shining a light on Lancashire’s pie heritage and renaming one of its most famous pies to reflect that.”

To back Holland’s Pies’ application to obtain protected status for the Lancashire Meat Pie, visit their Facebook page (@HollandsPiesOfficial) or Twitter (@HollandsPies) and sign the petition:

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