Special: For the love of Wrestling 2019

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Another amazing Monopoly event last weekend at the Liverpool Exhibition Centre. For the Love of Wrestling had everything a genuine Wrestling fan would want… there is merchandise from every era, set builds like pipers pit, money in the bank and the barber shop. They had a ring in the centre of the room, sponsored by Wrestling Travel, where they were holding the Q&A, cos play, and then later tonight some live wrestling demos. The announcers were engaging and definitely knew their stuff.


Well done to Bolton Live’s friend ‘El Prego’ aka Laura Duff who was definitely struggling to get in and out of the ring…

The cos players were fantastic, from the professional, like Taker UK to 9 year old Hayden, whose birthday it was…


Some of the wrestlers in attendance were:
Bret hart
Hacksaw Jim duggan
Ted dibiase
Chris Jericho
Brutus beefcake
And many more!


Monopoly events have just launched pre sales for For the love of Wrestling 2020 and tickets and more information is HERE

Monopoly events have blasted onto the scene in last couple of years and have quickly created themselves a reputation for booking large guests and giving fans a great time out meeting their heroes in a fun and lively environment with all the details perfectly in place. Coming up soon by monopoly events is Comiccon Manchester  where they will bring Manchester another new exciting concept as they mix the two greatest decades of all time, the 80s and 90s! A lot of the events that they do are inspired by their memories of growing up as a child and this one is certainly no exception. which has large guests from Police Academy  , Gremlins , Baywatch and many many more . Full details can be found HERE

comicon manchester

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