Review: The house on Cold Hill

Now it was not really the coolest of evenings, and to wonder in to the Opera house feeling a chill was a little unusual. A beautiful timeless theatre, of narrow corridors and stairways very much like “The house”.


When a couple Ollie (Joe McFadden), Caro (Rita Simons) and their daughter Jade (Persephone Swales-Dawson) move into the country, they buy a house dating back to the 1700’s. On the stage a setting so realistic, the interior of this incredible house, extended by different owners through the years; leaving some of the exterior walls on the interior. So as expected a few teething and plumbing issues, to fix by local builder Phil (Leon Stewart). Also it needs to get modern, ready for work, so WIFI is installed. Who better than geeky, ghost obsessed neighbour Chris (Charlie Clements) to come and help out with IT and maybe an opportunity for him to get employed and do some research. Oh and not to forget a good clean, by Annie (Tricia Deighton) an eccentric, holistic shop owner in need of money and a nosey at the house.


With only three days to Ollies 40th Birthday, unexpected occurrences happen leaving the cast questioning their mentality. Slowly being told stories of a ghostly Grey lady, who haunts the house.  Although with no security sense and an incredible trust for the colourful but helpful locals, there is a question if all this torment is caused by them to chase them out. We also question if this Grey lady could exist, causing the problems, so the team investigate together to find the strange happenings, that threaten to kill.


In my opinion the storyline was very good, a little slow in some parts and often not as scary as I thought it may have been. There were many jumps in the audience, at unexpected time leaving people in a tangle of mixed emotion, from laughter to fear. The set changed very little and when it did, it was made to cross the days which confused me a little at times. Maybe I did not follow the story so well, It was only when the cast said the days I understood a little better. I think a clock could have made an appearance spinning in a spotlight to indicate time change (just a personal opinion).


I am not necessarily sure how I would act if I saw a ghost, I would more than likely freeze, stutter, the colour of dredd is brown  Think about it, an unnatural apparition appearing in front of you.  Everyones reactions may be different, I probably wouldn’t be to confident to return to the home and I would probably not be as calm as the cast sometimes were.


The play was different then others I have seen. I did research the play  and found the backstory very interesting, I would definitely recommend you to have a google of writer Peter James experience on “The House on Cold Hill” he lived in. I think maybe set on an October evening it could have been a little more atmospheric. Although impressively a small cast with a big presence. Relying on the acoustics of the theatre, allowing the feeling of an echoing stone home worked well. If you want a thrill, attend “The House on Cold Hill”.

For tickets and more information click HERE

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