Comic Con Manchester is this weekend!



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To say i am pretty excited about this weekend is an understatement. This weekend sees the first Comiccon Manchester put together by the Monopoly Events team. Monopoly events have put together an amazing event at Bowlers Exhibition Centre this weekend… seriously…just check out who is there-

Steve Guttenberg – Police Academy, Three men and a little baby, Cocoon

Zach Galligan – Gremlins 1 & 2

Judge Reinhold – Gremlins, Beverley Hills Cop

Frances Lee Mccain – Gremlins, Footloose

Rex Smith – Streethawk

Marion Ramsey – Police Academy

Leslie Easterbrook – Police Academy

Michael Winslow – Police Adcademy

Erika Eleniak – Baywatch

Angelica Bridges – Baywatch

Brande Roderick – Baywatch

Tim Rose – Admiral Ackbar in Star Wars

Mark Dodson – Salacious Crumb – Star Wars Return if the Jedi & Gremlins

Paul Blake – StarWars

Plus there are also special UK Exclusive photo shoots –

  • Short Circuit – STEVE GUTTENBERG & JOHNNY 5

Monopoly events have cleverly combined “For the love of the 80s” and “For the love of the 90s” which has me so excited it is unreal. Monopoly events have brought some great events to Bowlers and other places round the country in recent years and some big names plus a ton of EPIC builds and attractions. For Andy Kleek and his team it really is a labour of love for each event and it shows.

Check out what else apart from the Celebs that are there this weekend..

    • Live Q&As
    • Full-scale movie prop and set recreations – The Simpsons Coach, The Gremlins Kitchen Set, Starwars  Cantina Bar, The Blue Oyster Bar (Police Academy)
    • Props – Johnny 5, The Tardis (Doctor Who), Animatronic Gizmo, Kitt (Knight Rider) F.L.A.G mobile unit set (Knight Rider) Honda XL500 (Street Hawk) GMC Vandura (The A Team) Reliant Regal (Only Fools and Horses) Pontiac Trans AM (Smokey and the Bandit) Delorian Time machine (Back to the Future) click HERE 
    • Attractions – HERE
    • Pro Cosplay Guests – HERE
    • Cosplay competitions – HERE
    • Trading village
    • Live art
    • Miniature model displays
    • After show party & MUCH MORE TBC

Honestly if you can get there this weekend and have a love for all things 80s and 90s i suggest you get there any way you can. You may even bump into me!

For tickets and more information click HERE


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