Special: Comic Con Manchester

This weekend saw Comic Con Manchester and what an epic weekend it was.

From Panels with stars from Police Academy (Which have not happened for 35 years) to epic Star wars builds it was a weekend to remember.


Our Pete even caught up with Michael Winslow just before the event started on Friday (See Above) and our team of comic book fans headed down to the event where we lost them while they were in their element.



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Monopoly events have a habit of running extremely well put together events that are managed carefully and with a passion for the main themes and this event was no different. The layout was brilliant split between 3  main halls including one FULL of retro gaming even including a multiplayer Halo ring which was a nice touch. The traders were a great mix with some bargains to be had and in my own personal opinion were the right mix for the event.



The guests were a great mix including-

Steve Guttenberg – Police Academy, Three men and a little baby, Cocoon

Zach Galligan – Gremlins 1 & 2

Judge Reinhold – Gremlins, Beverley Hills Cop

Frances Lee Mccain – Gremlins, Footloose

Rex Smith – Streethawk

Marion Ramsey – Police Academy

Leslie Easterbrook – Police Academy

Michael Winslow – Police Adcademy

Erika Eleniak – Baywatch

Angelica Bridges – Baywatch

Brande Roderick – Baywatch

Tim Rose – Admiral Ackbar in Star Wars

Mark Dodson – Salacious Crumb – Star Wars Return if the Jedi & Gremlins

Paul Blake – Star Wars



With the right mix of guests the event went brilliantly from a fans point of view and the brilliant builds and extras thrown into the event really made it for me (and meeting Judge Reinhold) i always look forward to Monopoly events and i really cannot wait to see what will be happening at the next one .

Keep an eye on their website HERE for details of the next one.


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