For the love of Horror 2019 Special

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Last weekend saw Trafford Park become the famous Santa Carla; Murder Capital of the world…

Bowlers exhibition centre played host to Monopoly Events’ For the Love of Horror convention, welcoming cosplayers, horror fans and celebrity guests to enjoy all things scary.

For The Love Of Horror is a fantastic new concept brought to you by Andy Kleek and the Monopoly Events team which crosses a scare attraction with a fan convention. After a hugely successful launch event in 2018, They have come back much , much bigger and represented some of the most iconic horror films and franchises of all times.

The scare maze, a huge improvement on last years already pretty awesome attraction, was busy all weekend, with jumps and terrors and actors chasing you through the maze and crawling through dark crawl spaces unsure what will happen next.

The stalls were, as ever, full of everything you may need, from surprise boxes to replica swords, pin badges to bespoke art work with everything every horror fan could ever need and much much more.

This years guests were magnificent. With the cast of the Lost Boys reuniting for autographs, photo opportunities and more. Kiefer “jack bauer” Sutherland even made a brief appearance in between gigs in the UK with his band.

The lost Boys reunion was a UK first and the fans LOVED every minute of it.


They had the cast of the original “Losers Club” from IT, Tobin Bell and Shawnee Smith from the Saw franchise, and a host of other guests from various horror franchises with enough variety for every horror genre.

The fair ground, the cosplayers, the stalls, staff and atmosphere always make Monopoly events a pleasure to attend!

You can tell the passion and hard work that Andy and his team put into every event they put together and this one was no exception. Monopoly have fast become a force to be reckoned with with the Convention circuit and we will be seeing a lot more coming up from them too.

Don’t miss For the Love of Sci-Fi in December for even more amazing set builds, guests and attractions!

Pictured at the event are our bloggers Pete and Erin

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