Top tips to reduce tip trips

Bolton Council is reminding residents that waste audits are available to anyone who needs help managing their rubbish.

The reminder comes ahead of new rules brought in by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, which limit the number of times cars can visit the tip to 52 times a year.

Changes will come into force from February 10 in Bolton and across Greater Manchester, except Wigan which already runs a permit system.

The move is aimed at clamping down on businesses and traders illegally using the waste recycling centres. Trade waste abuse costs the Greater Manchester region £5 million per year.

All traders and businesses have a legal duty of care to dispose of their waste – either at a licensed commercial site with a weighbridge, or by setting up a commercial collection or hiring a skip.

If a trader transports waste as part of their business, they must be registered with the Environment Agency. Traders can be fined up to £5,000 if they do not register.

There are 20 household waste recycling centres across Greater Manchester where residents can recycle and dispose of their waste for free.

Residents who exceed 52 visits will be offered help and support to manage their waste going forward.

And the council is offering reassurance that all residents can also request a waste audit for support and advice to help manage their waste and to support them to recycle correctly.

If people are recycling everything possible and still struggling, they may be entitled to a bigger grey bin following their waste audit.

A charge of £28, to cover administration and delivery costs, will apply if a large grey bin is authorised.

In certain cases, those really struggling may be offered a ‘fresh start’ with their recycling bins, providing there is commitment to recycle correctly in future.

Executive Cabinet Member for Environmental Services Delivery, Cllr Adele Warren, said: “The limit for a standard car has been set at a level which should mean that residents disposing of household waste should really not be impacted by the changes.

“GMCA is bringing in these changes because unfortunately some traders are regularly using the tip to get rid of their trade or business waste for free. This automatically drives up running costs which impacts on council taxpayers.

“Despite what you may have read, you may visit the tips multiple times in any given week providing you do not exceed 52 visits in the year.

“The restrictions are being introduced to stop trader abuse and most areas across the UK have similar rules in place.

“However, there may be some people who are worried about the changes or who may be struggling with their waste and we wanted to take this opportunity to remind people that they can request a waste audit.”

To find out more about a waste audit or to request one visit

Automatic number plate recognition cameras will be used to log vehicle registration numbers from February 10.

Vehicles that go over a certain threshold will be stopped by staff who will check if the waste is trade material.

Traders will be offered advice and directed to a commercial waste disposal site.

For more information please visit

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