Waste collections – Coronavirus (COVID-19) update and advice

Bolton Council`s statement in full
“New guidance has been issued to protect the most vulnerable people against COVID19.
As a responsible employer, with many employees, this guidance has affected the number of staff we have available.
We are working hard to collect your waste but we regret that we have had to make some changes at this present moment in time.
At this stage, priority will be given to the collection of grey bins and food waste containers.
Green bins and recycling bins will be emptied where possible so please continue to present all bins on the appropriate collection day.
If your bins are not emptied please take them back onto your property until your next scheduled collection day, as we will not be able to return for any that have not been emptied.
On your collection day please make sure your bin is available for collection by 7.30am and make sure your vehicle is parked responsibly to allow our collection vehicles safe access onto your street.
Please continue to check the web site for further updates.
The welfare of our staff alongside the welfare and needs of our residents are uppermost in our minds and we thank you for your patience during this difficult time for everybody.”

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