Manchester India Partnership launches crisis call for India COVID support

The Manchester India Partnership (M.I.P), the organisation established in 2018 to develop Greater Manchester’s relationship with India, has launched an urgent call for crisis support for India, which is experiencing a Covid-19 emergency on a scale the world has not yet seen.

An open letter has been written by incoming M.I.P Chair, Simon Arora, CEO of B & M Retail, urging businesses and the community within Greater Manchester and beyond to provide support with essential equipment and supplies, donations and contacts.

The M.I.P has created the M.I.P India Covid-19 Emergency Relief Fund page at for people who would like to make a donation towards the crisis relief in India. This will be aimed at supporting both the immediate crisis as well as the immediate aftermath and will be distributed through the British Asian Trust (B.A.T) which is working directly on the ground in India to get the necessary equipment and support to where it is most needed.

The M.I.P is also working with the UK-India Covid-19 Taskforce to help source a range of vital equipment that Indian authorities require to deal with the immediate emergency and has listed on its website the vital equipment current required and created a feedback form for people that may be able to help supply these items.

It is also working with Greater Manchester’s local health system to provide advice and support for frontline treatment, using the experience gained in the UK’s own recent experience of very high infection rates and hospital admittances.

Writing in support of the M.I.P call for crisis support for India, Mr Arora said: “India is experiencing a Covid-19 emergency on an unprecedented scale.

“Millions upon millions of people are suffering and the healthcare system in India is at breaking point, not to mention the challenges that the aftermath of this crisis will create.”

Mr Arora called for support for a 3-point plan to help support India.

The full letter can be seen in a post on the Manchester India Partnership LinkedIn page.

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