Review: Death Drop

Straight from the West End, Death Drop is a ‘Drag Murder Mystery’ starring drag performers from across the globe. Written by UK drag talent Holly Stars, Death Drop features US drag queens Willam and Ra’Jah O’Hara alongside a host of drag talent including Vinegar Strokes (Drag Race UK) and Karen from Finance (Drag Race Down Under). 

Drawing on the classic british murder mystery tropes, five guests from different walks of life are called together by a mysterious host to celebrate the wedding anniversary of Charles and Diana. Over the course of the stormy 1991 evening, their connections and secrets are revealed and the bodycount climbs. 

From the start the show takes you on a dramatic journey of overblown and self aware musical numbers, fantastically written by comedy duo Flo and Joan and deadpan references to 90s British culture – vienetta and cheese and pineapple sticks feature prominently in Holly’s Star’s dialogue. There’s tongue-twisting script-scrambling arguments,puns galore,  fourth wall breaking and a hysterical performance of ‘I’m too sexy for my shirt’ amongst death by poisoned crispy pancake and the appearance of a ninja.

The fantastically witty script is brought to life by a cast that so perfectly suit the roles they play. Whilst drag legends like Willam and Ra’jah O’Hara are obvious draws and their performances are excellent, we were particularly impressed by the drag king performances of Richard Energy (As the sleazy film producer, Phil Maker) and Georgia Frost (Conservative politician for Upminster, Rich Whiteman). Their portrayals of these two archetypal men were simultaneously exaggerated and hilarious whilst also being creepily too close to reality, given many recent events.

Although the production will most obviously appeal to those familiar with drag, the classic british humour and suburb acting make it an enjoyable evening – even for those who don’t understand what a tuck is or why Willam trilling ‘Sherry Pie’ during a vocal warmup got one of the biggest laughs of the evening. 

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