Starting Alexandra Burke

Live at

Opera House Manchester

Sat 11 Dec 2021 – Sun 2 Jan 2022

Join the impressive and powerful Alexandra Burke with the amazing Ceri Dupree, the hilarious Ben Nickless and sensational Matthew Croke in this year’s pantomime Aladdin at Manchester Opera House this Christmas.

The show follows the standard Panto format, but it’s far from standard.

The music, sets, dancing, and vocals are all top tier, but the timing and humour really make this production stand out.

The jokes are perfectly written, aimed at kids and grown ups alike, with many layered punchlines.

The timing in each sketch is crucial, but there are also lots of opportunities for breaking the fourth wall, interacting with the audience and also completely fluffing the lines and making it an integral part of the whole experience.

My kids loved it, from 12-22 years old, and we talked about our favourite bits all the way home.

I was particularly impressed with the magic/technology used to help Aladdin soar above the audience on his flying carpet, and the Genie’s accent was my favourite funny moment… “you’re proper pecking me head” 😂

If you are planning a trip to the theatre with your families, or on your own, please consider this fabulous production. It’s only on for three weeks, so book your tickets now!

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