Beauty and the Beast

Don’t cha wish you watched the panto like me!

It’s that time of year again folks ‘oh yes it is’ the magic of the good old fashioned slap stick pantomime and this year playing at the albert halls is Beauty and the beast.

Starring the pussycat dolls very own Melody thornton as the magic fairy. A small cast playing big with the usual dame dolly doughnut played by mark two and sidekick french franc (Nick Newbold) having you in histerics with quick wit for both children and the adults.

The story you must have heard of it? If not “well i will have to tell you again then, won’t i. Oohhh!” Belle played by… The daughter of a traveling inventer meets the boy of her dreams (he just so happens to be the prince) stumbling upon their home turf.

They fall in love but have to flee hoping to meet again but upon return to the castle he meets the villain (….) who cast a spell refusing to give her a kiss in return for a gift.

Well who knows what happens after that? But later the inventor gets invited to the castle grounds where he is met by a tall beast who demands that he brings his daughter to the castle. In a hope to make friends. But along the way misterious adventures occur leading to danger. Will the beast return to normal? Will they become friend? Will the dame get married? Will french franc Ever learn how to speak to a lady? Oh so mamy question yoy will have to watch and find out i suppose

As always the children remained chuckling and shouting along to the chinagans on stage loving every second of this classic brought to life. With real magic occurring on stage making you scratch your head as to how they did it? It seems tradition to head to the pantomime and with such a great show on our doorstep why not head down running until 31st of December tickets available at Quaytickets.Com/boltonalberthalls

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