Eric and Ern review

It was like watching them. To be fair I didn’t grow up with Eric and Ernie,it doesn’t mean to say that I did not think they were fantastic but i never really understood how incredible they were until i witnessed the specticle of Eric and little Earn.

My heart skipped a beat when they walked on stage it was like two of the greats have been resurrected simply jaw dropping. They have the flair and mannerisms almost exact. Played perfectly in the lowry Quays theatre i couldn’t think of anywhere better to have watched them. Along side them realistic sets of some of the very sketches including the old bed.

Well i never stopped talking about it after i watched recommending to people on every opportunity.

My partner who admittingly has never really seen Morecombe and wise couldnt see them through tears of laughter and there was not a moment I wasnt smiling.

Along side a beautiful singer who we must say had the most wonderful voice both singing and speaking. Played the part of the straight laced singer from the 70s fantastically.

It was one of my personal favourites of the year it played so well and was such a nice finish introducing Christmas very well we certainly left with a gleam.

Further dates can be found here

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