Rocky Horror Picture Show – Review

Wow, wow, and WOW. I had the absolute pleasure of Seeing ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ at Manchester’s Palace Theatre and honestly, what an absolute incredibly experience it was!

The show, set, ensemble, everything was truly an absolute magical experience! Stephen Webb really did give Tim Curry a fantastic run for his money in the incredibly technical, and immensely challenging role of “Frank N Furter”. I had never seen Rocky Horror before (I know, I get told off for it a lot!) however, it was honestly an eye to behold, and a fantastic way to witness first-hand the incredibly technicality of the show, and how insane it is!

The Narrator (Played by Philip Franks) was (in ways that my friend who watched with me put it) absolutely hilarious! He interacted with the audience in a way that you would have never seen before in any sort of musical. It was very similar to watching an ‘adult pantomime’. Audience participation was absolutely rife, but it truly added to the magic of the show.

You could see throughout the show, how much each actor and actress cared about their role! They really worked to put themselves in the wonderful and wacky world of Rocky Horror and made it their absolute goal to ensure that every individual in that audience had the most incredible and amazing night! I am truly amazed at the artwork and dedication to the show and would 110% watch it again in a heartbeat! Thank you so much to everyone there for making it an amazing night and thank you Bolton Live for giving me the immeasurable pleasure of being able to see this incredible piece of art for the first time!

Well done all!

Tickets and info here :

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