Bedknobs and Broomsticks

By kieran

I’ve not visited the Lowry theatre in over 2 years, but the welcome was amazing. The greeter stood at the door, bellowing his greetings to us as we crossed the space at the front.

The merchandise for the show was excellent and good value, I bought a star of astoroth key ring…

The stage was set as a wartime bedroom, and the anticipation in the room was noticeable.

Once the show started we were transported, as if by magic you might say, to wartime London, then to the countryside, under the sea, to the island of nopepo and back again.

The acting was energetic and crisp, the children were adorable and engaging, and the singing was clear and bright.

But for me, the one thing that stood out in this show was the set design and props department.

A glowing and flying bed, dancing shoes and brooms, flying shirts, mops and swords and a very alive suit of armour.

The puppeteering was masterful, with the actors along side their puppet charges, offering a surreal and engaging interaction, and a lot of comedy value. And that bike…

Overall I would saw this is one of the best produced shows I’ve seen in a long time, well worth seeing for the whole family, and it really made me want to rewatch the film!


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