Joseph… a review

Well… What an incredible night that was! After a long day at work, it really was the de-stress I needed, and what a de-stress it was! We arrived at the Opera House in Manchester to watch Josephs Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat on the 29/03/2022.

Firstly, I just want to say how incredible the set was. Considering this is usually a huge production, placed in the London Palladium, they really choreographed it perfectly to fit the smaller, yet still iconic stage of the Opera House. The cast and ensemble did a fantastic job of making the show fun and entertaining to be at. We were sat quite close to a group of children, and throughout the show you could see how captivated they were by the sounds, movements, and colours on the stage! Bravo to all involved in that!

Joseph was played by the iconic Jac Yarrow. His rendition of ‘Any Dream will Do’ was good enough to beat the original! He really put his life and soul into that character, and you could really feel the development of the character played through the individual. It was truly a sight to behold.

Alexandra Burke was our trusty narrator, but also did quite a few other roles too! She flew about that stage, whilst pregnant (which I am sure is no easy feat) dancing and singing to nearly every number! It did sometimes feel that she outshone Jac. However, they both worked excellently together to ensure they complimented each other’s voices. Sometimes it did get confusing trying to follow Alexandra’s character changes, as they were very quick.

The children in the cast were amazing! For kids of such young ages to sing in harmony (consisting of numerous parts!) is certainly difficult! And yet, they put their best dancing shoes on, and sung the night away like they were pros doing it for years! They were incredibly professional, and their acting was just a sight to see! I really think this will help them catapult themselves into a theatre related career in future – I really hope it works out for them!

Finally, Jason Donovan! Whilst his ‘debut’ on stage was short and sweet (he mentioned he was tired on stage!) he really put his all into being the Pharoh! His impression of the iconic Elvis Presley was truly marvellous, and I’m delighted to say I would 100% watch it again.

All in all, the show was incredible. Everyone from the cast to the crew, to the ensemble were incredible! It was truly a night to remember, and certainly a show that I’ll be going to see again

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