Beauty and the Beast – a review

As we entered the doors to the theatre we were each handed a red rose. We were all speculating about whether we would be able to throw them onto the stage at some point, like the operas we see from yesteryear.

As we took our seats, a beautiful curtain of beast and belle entwined with roses greeted us, and there were little Princess all around us excited to see the performance.

And what a performance.

Every line, note, step and scene change was flawless. The music was familiar and engaging. The actors were energetic, flamboyant and as true to the cartoon film as they could possibly be.

There were some ooh and aah moments, like the amazing “Be Our Guest” number… spectacularly just does not do it justice! My kids were particularly interested in how they created Mrs Potts Tea Trolley to be so realistic.

Gaston’s arms were incredible, as was his performance as the sleazy antihero – no-one creeps you out like Gaston!

From the start to the end it was fast paced, entertaining and at numerous points, Jaw Dropping!

A definite must see!

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