The Addams Family – A Review

All the way to the Opera House we were humming the famous tune and clicking our fingers in time. It felt engrained in my brain by the time we arrived.

The opening set was particularly gothic, and really set the tone.

When the music starts, we looked at each other as our need for the finger clicking reached a climactic fulfilment.

The show it’s self was probably what I expected. A typical Addams storyline, murderous siblings, classy and romantic parents, strange family members, and lots of witty and subtle one liners.

Where this performance really stood out was the impact of Wednesday Addams as she raised the roof with her Rock/Opera voice. Truly made the hairs stand up on my neck when she hit those notes.

Costumes were absolutely spot on, and it was great to see Wednesday in more modern and engaging gear.

The twists and turns were sometimes too subtle for my kids, but they caught up pretty quickly. And personally I would have loved to see more of Thing T Thing – although how they could have delivered a disembodied hand in a live production I don’t know.

The music and sets were great, spooky and solemn.

The Dancers and choreography was modern and slick and really hit the tone needed.

Morticia was stunning in her usual classy black gown, and she really nailed the walk.

Gomez, as smooth as the inside of a velvet lined coffin. His performance was fast, energetic and fun, and he linked the different parts and themes of the play really well.

Grandma was a mischevious as you’d expect, and Pugsley was engaging and funny.

Lurch! Grunting, and lurching, and with some surprises really stood out.

All of the cast played their roles brilliantly!

All in all a 4/5 from me, with some stand out performances.

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