The Cher Show – A Review

Do you believe in life after love? Because this show certainly does! On Monday, I had the absolute pleasure of going to see The Cher Show. It’s a new musical that depicts the life of Cher and discusses her struggles and hardships. It speaks about how she found fame, and how it wasn’t all it cracked up to be!

Within the show, Cher is depicted by three different actresses – all of which are linked to a different part of her life. This amazing triad is played by Debbie Kurup (Star), Danielle Steers (Lady) and Millie O’Connell (Babe). I think it’s so important to mention how absolutely incredible each actress was to the role! They all portrayed so much emotion (to the point that Dharma cried!!). I also think the depths of their voices when they were singing as Cher was truly incredible. They really mastered that ‘round’ and ‘brassy’ sound that you need to pull off a good Cher! Each individual was in their element, and it was honestly a pleasure to watch.

The set of the show was incredible. They really took you through the life of Cher, how she had to fight to be empowered as a woman in the industry, and how she found the love of her life – and unfortunately, lost him (Sonny).

I’d also like to make a special mention to the ensemble! As a musician myself, I completely appreciate how difficult the score was to follow. There was a lot of key changes, and mashups throughout the show, and each one was executed with care and precision.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I went to watch the show, but I truly thoroughly enjoyed it! I’ll certainly have to go again next time it’s in Manchester! Big thank you to Bolton Live for giving me the utter pleasure of writing this review.

Review written by Bolton Live Blogger, James.

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