Blood Harmony – A Review

Blood harmony is the natural way in which the voices of related people blend together when they sing. In this play named after this idea, three sisters are reunited after the recent death of their mother. Over the course of the play, the sisters reminisce, share regrets and memories, and piece together some of the broken parts of their relationships.

One sister is a globe-trotting businesswoman, the other a misfit artist who has taken the opposite path and the final a young carer. Throughout the story, they overcome their differing attitudes to life and responsibility to focus on their support for one another and the love that they have in common.
Despite the seemingly melancholy circumstances of the play, it is an uplifting reflection on how loss can bring people together. With spine-tingling harmonies composed by The Staves, and deeply atmospheric lighting direction, the whole production is hypnotic in its communication of grief and the complexities of conflicting priorities in family.

It is deeply beautiful, at times very funny and constantly poignant. The singing and movement seamlessly move the plot along without coming across as cheesy and the use of the attic style set creates a cosy atmosphere. The staging allowed you to become one of the family, sitting amongst a dusty old attic – the contrast of a dark enclosed space with a certain warmth surrounded by childhood memories. The lighting perfectly directed as if you were in natural daylight, exploring the distance and dreams of the cast. We left the theatre with a glow in the heart. Simply a beautiful story!

Blood Harmony is at the Lowry until the 18th June before moving next to the Dukes theatre in Lancaster.

Review by Lorenzo and Hannah

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