Cluedo – A Review

Like most people, I have fond memories of sitting with my family, announcing that ‘It was Colonel Mustard in the Billiard Room with the Lead Piping. In this new comedy production, Cluedo brings the board game and its menagerie of colourful characters to life. Drawing its dialogue heavily from the film Clue, the play sees six unrelated guests invited to dinner by the mysterious ‘Mr Body’. Each has a secret to hide and a score to settle. Chaos, comedy and the occasional murder ensues.

Taking centre stage in the piece is the Butler – Wadsworth – played with gusto by Jean-Luke Worrell. Guiding the guests through both their evening and the stage itself as it transforms into each of the rooms of the house, Worrell was spectacularly witty, charming and oh so slightly sinister in his performance as the butler. Also a stand out for her physical acting,

Judith Amesenga played the elderly Mrs Peacock so convincingly that I got quite the shock looking at her picture in the programme during the interval.

The staging itself very successfully navigated the complexity of a multiple room house, with each room folding out of the scenery and neatly folding back once the characters had left the room.

Whilst much of the dialogue and many of the gags are drawn verbatim from the film, the delivery and slapstick humour of the piece add a new dimension to the show that makes it still worth a watch. With a host of Mischief Theatre alumni, the line delivery and physical comedy are smooth and the interactions and improvisations witty. A particular highlight of the night featured one of the ensemble cast losing his mustache during an interaction which was continuously referenced as the show progressed, much to the delight of the audience. 

If you love the film Cluedo or even just like playing the board game then this is definitely the show for you!

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